Accountability Pillar

Accountability Survey and School Results

Accountability Pillar 2019

2018/2019 Results and Reporting

Alberta has developed an innovative way of measuring school authority performance to ensure we continue to provide the best possible educational opportunities for all of our students.

The Accountability Pillar provides school authorities with a wide range of data that paints a picture of how they are performing. The framework focuses on more than student achievement, resulting in a more holistic approach to accountability. Other aspects that impact student learning - such as safe and caring environments, parent involvement, and satisfaction with the education experience - are measured, providing a more complete perspective of the jurisdiction's overall learning environment based on the input of students, parents and teachers.

When combined, this data provides a picture of school authority and school performance - including areas of success and challenges that lie ahead. In order to complete the picture, school authorities and schools analyze the detailed data that underlies the Accountability Pillar evaluations and the many variables that may affect results. This enables school authorities and schools to focus more effectively on improving student learning and achievement.

School authorities also report their Accountability Pillar results to their communities, ensuring that the entire education system is more open and accountable to all Albertans.