Severe Winter Weather

Severe Winter Weather


The safety of students and staff is the primary focus of the school and school jurisdiction. Inclement weather may force cancellation of busing and school closures.  Check our website for any information in the News section.  If in-town busses are cancelled, schools will be open for students.  As well as resulting cancellation of regular bussing services, inclement weather conditions may necessitate early dismissal of rural and out-of-district students or cause scheduled busses to be late.  

PLEASE NOTE: The policy does not specify a specific temperature for the cancellation of bussing or school closures.

Cold Weather, Busses Running:

For colder days when school is in session, where the temperature is colder than -22 Degrees Celsius, including the wind chill factor, the following will occur:

  1. When students are arriving to school, they are to be let into the school as soon as they arrive.
  2. Outdoor recesses with become indoor breaks. Teachers will need to have activities (games, videos, etc) ready for students for these times. These Activities need to be age-appropriate for students and other school policy applies (e.g. videos/movies)
  3. The decision to determine if it will be an indoor recess will be made at the same time and announced over the intercom prior to the arrival of the students in the morning.
  4. The temperature will be assessed over the course of the school day to determine if it will be an indoor or outdoor recess for lunch or afternoon. The announcements will be made over the intercom.

Cold Weather, Busses Not Running:

During days in which the school is open and the busses do not run:

  1. Students are still encouraged to attend school as frequently as possible.
  2. We recognize that with fewer students in the classroom, this is an excellent opportunity for students to take part in skill-building and other remedial or enrichment opportunities.
  3. Teachers are encouraged not pre present new material on these days or use these days with students as ‘free time,’ such as showing movies, playing videogames, etc.
  4. Extra-curricular activities that are scheduled will be cancelled for the evening and attempts will be made to reschedule if possible.