Positive Behaviour Supports - Primeau PRIDE

Positive Behaviour Supports - Primeau PRIDE

Common expectations for student behaviour is intended to bring P.R.I.D.E. to Ecole Georges H. Primeau Middle School. It is through these expectations, that students will continue their preparations in developing the necessary attitudes in successfully transitiong from school to th world of work.



Students come to school prepared (binder, learning supplies, textbook, robust device, etc),

Students will come to class on time;

Students will ensure homework is complete;



Students will respect all faculty and guest teachers in the building;

Respect for students, faculty, school building, and learning materials;

Students are about their space by cleaning up after themselves i.e. pushing in chairs, paper, spills, muddy footwear, etc.

Students will respect the personal space of others.

Students will respect the learning environment by coming to class on time and make positive contributions to the learning of the class;

Students are dismissed by the teacher, not the bell;

Students will eat cafeteria food will be eaten in the cafeteria and designated classroom only.

Students will only access the vending machines in the morning before class begins, at lunch, and after school.


Students will be active listeners, displaying positive body language and facial expressions;

Students will actively participate in a positive manner while in groups and class discussions.


Students will encourage one another;

Students will talk and work quietly;

Students will arrive to class on time.


Students will be proud of their achievements and supportive of others;

Students will complete assignments with superb quality;

Students will attend extra help sessions when provided;

Students will seek help when needed.